Research and analysis

To build, advance and keep a market costs time and money. Therefore, before jumping into a completely new market or adding a new product or service to an established market, it is necessary to gather as much information as possible concerning the likely chances for success. Doing so it helps a lot when information is not limited to internationally accessible sources, as in many cases local language sources are much more detailed and significant…as long as one is able to find and read them. This is an area where I can be of assistance.

Data by itself is only the basis. Data must be analyzed and interpreted before it becomes meaningful information. Based on my long experience in operative work in Japan I can help you make the correct conclusions about the market situation for the actual product or service you would like to offer.

Maybe you have been working in the Japanese market for a long time, but results are not what you are striving for? A third-party view might be helpful to encourage a new strategy which can bring you back on the success track.